Ep. 1 – That’s how I met Bitcoin


I will post on this web some of my articles published before in Spanish, accompanied by the matching videos for you to discover my personal adventure in the world of the cryptocurrencies. I really believe that the content is easy to follow and understand and my goal is NOT making you rich or selling you some kind of miracle in the financial world, but just encourage you to discover this amazing world of the Decentralized Finances. Further down on this same page 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 you will find the links to see the first episode of this podcast in YouTube, Rumble and LBRY/ODYSEE. A different version of this article (also in English) is available at ludwig-ritter.com, my full Spanish website following this LINK

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

It was July 2012, and my company, after almost a year of gradual decline in activity, was taking its last breaths. I decided to go to Germany and book some accommodation with Airbnb; my future host asked me to pay in Bitcoin and I honestly didn’t know what it was, so I started looking for information on the internet and came across some platforms among which I decided to try WWW.LOCALBITCOINS.COM. I easily opened an account and bought the equivalent of 75 euros at that time, I paid a few euros to Airbnb and eventually I just forgot that I had this account with some remaining money.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

After 7 years outside my country, now in England, I decided to start investing some money for my retirement with pension plans, investments in the stock markets and cryptocurrency, and it was then that I remembered that I already had my localbitcoins.com account. I managed to recover the account and access to it, and the surprise was great: I bought 6.81 bitcoins in 2012 and paid 5 bitcoins for my accommodation and 1.5 bitcoins for an antivirus product for my mobile, so I had 0.31 bitcoins left in my account, but now a bitcoin did cost about $ 3,000 (December 2018), and my 0.31 bitcoins were more than $ 1,000 !!!. My first words were: “… damn antivirus …” you can imagine why.

I will tell you more about my “adventure” with cryptocurrencies in the following weeks, some steps that you can reproduce yourself every week, because all the crypto platforms I have been using are still active today and they have proven to be legal, reliable and oriented to give good customer service.

Of course, every investment has its risks, and if you have a pension plan today, just go to see the valuation during the time of COVID to panic, but with cautiousness, research and also some sagacity, the world of the cryptocurrency can help you to save in the long term, invest in the short or long term, buy and sell when prices vary, …, in short, a whole world of possibilities I will try to expose, so you can take advantage of it if you decide to come into this exciting world. Any help you may need, just leave a comment in the website – Erith.club – going into one of the articles and scrolling the page full down.

This video is the first of many more to come. Do not forget to subscribe to the RSS feed when the browser asks you to, and please, like and subscribe yourself to my Youtube Channel.

Ludwig Ritter.

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